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Sustainable Landscape & Web Design

Welcome! I offer design and consulting for:

Media ☛  WordPress websites and Graphics.

Places ☛  Edible/Sustainable Landscapes and Forest Gardens.

Web Design Services for Individuals and  Businesses:

  • Friendly pre-design consulting and planning
  • Web Host selection and setup
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress install and setup
  • WordPress theme customization
    • Shopping carts
    • Photo galleries
    • Events management
    • Email lists
    • User Management
    • … more
  • Private and group WordPress lessons
  • Site administration
  • Site makeovers and updates
  • Move HTML sites into WordPress

Sample Pricing Packages:

(Initial consultation is complementary. Contact me to help decide which package is right for you. )

  1. Beginning Website: WordPress install and setup with a pre-made WordPress theme and up to 8 pages of content (with some exceptions) and a contact form: $150 -$500
  2. Intermediate Website: Customized WordPress install and setup. Everything from #1. Plus: This includes theme customization and branding. $500 – $1200 (Customization can include: graphic design, typography, HTML, CSS and PHP modification for WordPress.)
  3. Advanced Website: Everything from #2, plus: Advanced plugin functionality, Mailing lists, Stores/Carts, Galleries, Events Management and other advanced functionality or customization. $1200 and up
  4. Custom work:  Site administration, WordPress lessons, consulting, site re-designs, tune ups and more… $65 / hr
  5. Gifting and Timebanking: For those that want to try alternative economic options see the Gifting and Timebanking section at the bottom of the page.

Landscape and Permaculture Design Services:

  • Home garden and farm consulting
  • Garden and edible landscape design
    • Species selection, placement and pricing
    • Detailed 2d and 3d visualizations
    • Virtual walk-throughs
    • Mapping / site surveys
  • Garden installation
  • Drip irrigation design and installation (surface lines only, not in-ground)
    • Low pressure/gravity systems
    • Filtration


Design and consulting: $65/ hr

Installation / maintenance: $25/ hr

My background

Aaron Jerad - Web Designer, Sustainable Landscape & Permaculture ConsultingI have been a freelance web designer for 12 years. My skills emerge from a degree in fine art and extend into graphics and websites. I specialize in custom WordPress based sites including sever setup, installation, choosing and customizing themes and plugins to meet client’s needs.   I offer consulting and teach people how to manage their new WordPress sites.  Visit my recent work section to see and read about my clients’ sites and experiences.

I am an avid gardener. My permaculture design studies began in N.S.W. Australia under the instruction of Geoff Lawton from whom I received a Permaculture Designer Certificate, Aid Workers Training and Teachers Certificate. Since 2009 I have taught and  practiced permaculture all over the world. Like a giant tool box, permaculture is filled with an ever-growing collection of techniques and strategies. Ancient wisdom, modern science/technology and common sense all offer useful collections of knowledge. Permaculture integrates these diverse elements and helps us to select the most appropriate action for each different situation and location.  I use permaculture design to consult and plan (and in certain cases install) personal gardens, edible landscaping, sustainable farms, and community projects.

Moving between the visual and virtual world of media design and practical, hands-on design for places and people, keeps me balanced and inspired. I enjoy active dialogs with people, drawing out visions and aiding in their expression.  For me its not just about producing something of quality, but living a quality life.

My job as a consultant is to listen, to ask relevant questions, to draw out of people what they truly want and help them arrive at a design that really works.

Gifting and Timebanking

As a design experiment I am adding a new modality to the way that I do business called ‘new economics’ or ‘gift economics’. I will design your garden, consult for your farm, build you a website, or create you a logo.  When the project is done, I give it to you, and you compensate me as you wish according to the value received.  This is a new and unusual way to work, and isn’t for everyone. It requires establishing a level of trust. I trust that you will find a way to express the value you get from my work. You trust that I will deliver an exceptional result.

I am also a member of The Time Bank of the Rockies which uses the HourWorld platform, a globally available time bank, and I am open to hour exchanges for some projects.

Why work this way?  In my gardens and landscape I test and practice ecological design principles, aiming to farm in a way that leaves the soil and land in better shape than before. Gift economies and alternative currencies push the boundaries of social and economic design.  They form different kinds of relationships and person to person connections. I like the ideals and principles of gift economics but the only way to know how it works is to use it.

Please visit my recent work  and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Recent work.

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Thank you for your knowledge and ability. Willing, capable help is a real joy to find in today’s world. Thanks for listening to what I wanted and presenting a positive plan to get there. I really appreciated your advice on various things about the site. You were right there for the “tune up” and fix phase. Everything on time, done right and then some!” – R.W. Boyle