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Update: 5/6/2016 – I have decided to move all my own hosting onto A2’s servers. Their speed and reliability is unmatched.

A photo of A2 hosting logoI have been really impressed with A2 hosting, especially the speed and database power of their shared WordPress packages. I find that even though many hosts advertise “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited storage” they have very strict limits on server memory use (ram) and database access. This becomes a choke-point, especially on more memory intensive WordPress sites that display a lot of dynamic information. Events calendars and e-commerce sites are a couple examples of dynamic content sites that update often and so, unlike static pages, require more intensive database access to pull dates, times, locations, prices, sales, quantities etc. When the memory use limit is exceeded your site will bog down.

A2’s basic shared package is faster than most, but their mid level package really starts to shine. They have incremental upgrades to CPU core and physical memory if needed. Their customer support has been excellent.

I became an affiliate with A2 after being really satisfied with their service and recommend it to many of my clients.

If you sign up with A2 via this link, I will get a commission and you will get great hosting!




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A2 WordPress Hosting