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We decided to call our property the Living Rhythm Farm because in addition to enjoying and appreciating the natural rhythms and cycles of life, most everyone here is also a musician or dancer. In fact for some of us, farming and growing things is a relatively new adventure. Together we are an extended family, friends and community.

The project is spread across two adjoining properties on a mesa outside the town of Hotchkiss, Colorado. The climate is Cold temperate and arie, (Sometimes called highland desert or steppes.) We have 2 acres of apple orchards plus vegetable gardens on both properties, and experimental food forest. Chickens and guinea foul are the only animals so far, although we rent the apple orchard as temporary pasture for horses and sheep.

There are 8 people living between the 4 residences pluss accommodation for several more In addition to farming and permaculture we have a professional drum and percussion teaching studio running regular classes on site. Visit: for more info.

The surrounding area is predominately orchards, vineyards and farming, for which the land and climate are excellently suited… if one has irrigation water. Fortunately due to the proximity of the Rocky Mountains there is ample spring runoff which is stored in a reservoir and is the lifeblood of the region.

There is an unusually large amount of people engaged in sustainable living projects and farming in this area. Opportunities for learning and sharing with others abound.

Here’s a tiny bit about each person living and involved in this little adventure.

Aaron Jerad – Web designer, permaculture designer and educator, musician and artist. – (bio & experience | arts/graphic design )

Samara– Yoga Teacher, Clairvoyant Consultant, Permaculture student

Arlyn Heideman – Herbalist, teacher, dancer, musician.

David Alderdice – Professional drummer and percussionist, drum teacher.

Adrianna Heideman – Professional counselor, poet, artist.

Bernie Heideman – Teacher of Dances of Universal Peace, workshop leader, musician, gardener.

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