Permaculture Farm Design, Paonia Colorado

Permaculture Project Objective:

The main objective of this project is to think through, design, organize and prioritize the daily operation and future development of a local 7 acre vegetable farm near Paonia, Colorado,  using permaculture design methods.

The resulting design includes:

  • Maps with structural and species placements.
  • Detailed project timelines
  • Detailed plant species sources
  • Option/decision evaluation of multiple conceptual idea

Main objectives:

  1. Create an overall farm plan and map
  2. Update the vegetable farming methods
  3. Improve the windbreak / edible hedge
  4. Chicken zone design and perennials
  5. Generate income
  6. Choose and develop plans for perennial crops
  7. Develop a plan for implementing education on the farm including internships
  8. Choose and plan the vegetable crops
    1. Must be ready for spring planting

Additional objectives include:

  1. Develop a cover cropping rotation
  2. Identify general inefficiency and reduce waste
  3. Identify and develop products for value adding in the commercial kitchen
  4. Manage and update the irrigation system
  5. Find a farm manager
  6. Develop weed control strategies
  7. Update the green house with a climate battery (Gerome)
  8. Assess and develop the orchard
  9. Add forest garden areas
  10. Update the website
  11. Plan and locate structures including housing and vehicle parking
  12. Add goats or other appropriate farm animals
  13. Develop materials for grant applications
  14. Integrate and encourage community participation and involvement


Permaculture Design as the primary tool for site assessment, mapping, analysis and development.

Some of the methods :

  • Zone and Sector analysis
  • Mapping
  • Option & decision analysis
  • Input & Output analysis
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Permaculture Farm Design, Paonia Colorado