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Permaculture Farm Design, Paonia Colorado

The main objective of this project is to think through, design, organize and prioritize the daily operation and future development of a local 7 acre vegetable farm using permaculture design methods.

Main objectives include:

  1. Create an overall farm plan and map
  2. Update the vegetable farming methods
  3. Improve the windbreak / edible hedge
  4. Chicken zone design and perennials
  5. Generate income
  6. Choose and develop plans for perennial crops
  7. Develop a plan for implementing education on the farm including internships
  8. Choose and plan the vegetable crops
    1. Must be ready for spring planting
Permaculture Farm Design, Paonia Colorado

True Story Works Website

Project brief: A customized responsive Wordpress website.

Visit site: TrueStoryWorks.com

“Working with Aaron has been a true gift. From the initial consultations about my vision for the site, to his graphic awareness and coaching on my content and layout, to the finalized website, I have felt so blessed. I was always hesitant sending clients and potential clients to my previous website, feeling it wasn’t a professional representation of my work. The site that Aaron crafted is a piece of artwork, and I am honored and excited to send prospective clients to check it out.” -Katherine Mullin, True Story Works

True Story Works Website
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