My Top 10 (or so) Permaculture Books

In no particular order….

Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison

This was my first permaculture book. It is a great ‘quick’ introduction. It covers everything in enough detail to understand the scope of permaculture and start applying the concepts to your own designs and projects.

Permaculture Designers Manual – Bill Mollison

I spent a couple months alone care-taking Gabriel Howearth’s permaculture property in Baja, [...]

Spring Garden Abundance – Lemon Asparagus Sauté

Melliodora – Hepburn Permaculture Gardens

Visiting David Holmgren’s property as an intern I had a distinct experience of abundance and harmonizing with the seasons.  This was specifically related to food and eating. Modern food culture is one of instant gratification, at any given moment those with access and money can have just about anything they want. I make this distinction [...]

Spring Garden Abundance – Lemon Asparagus Sauté

The best gluten-free (sourdough) pancakes… ever.

Creating the perfect, light fluffy and yummy pancake has been an ongoing goal of mine, one I now think I have perfected… and it happens to be gluten free.

I have been eating gluten-free for over 10 years after finding that I was sensitive to it. My energy levels increased dramatically. At first it was a pain reading labels, and figuring [...]

The best gluten-free (sourdough) pancakes… ever.

A Permaculture Design Consultation: an outline of the general process and detailed questionnaire.

Design and Consulting Outline
Step one: Questionnaire.
The design questionnaire is intended to gather as much information as possible about the clients vision, wants and needs.
Step two: Create base map and survey the site.
The base map contains only what is already existing on the site in as much detail as possible.
The mapping phase can include contour maps, geological maps, climate maps, etc.
The [...]

Choosing a WordPress Theme: a Beginner’s Guide

Picking a theme can be daunting and even overwhelming for a beginning WordPresser. This article is an attempt to clarify the process. 

Where Do I Find Themes?

There are tons of options both within WordPress in the ‘Appearance -> Themes’ section and out in the wild of the web.  I’d love to say there is a super quick and easy way to [...]

Permaculture Plants for Colorado

List of plants on site.

Common Name
Scientific Name
Plant type – size
Uses and notes

Deciduous tree.

Prunus armeniaca
Deciduous tree. 9 m (29ft) by 6 m (19ft) Zone 5. Flowers (self-fertile) from Mar to April
Fruit. Drought tolerant, locally adapted. Self-seeding.

Ash – Autumn Purple
Fraxinus americana
Deciduous tree
Color. Shade. Drought tolerant.

Black Locust
Robinia pseudoacacia
Deciduous tree
Hedge. Nitrogen fixer.

Shepherdia argentea
Deciduous shrub
Berries. Nitrogen fixer.

Prunus sp.
Deciduous tree
Fruit. Birds always get [...]

Permaculture Design Tree
a diagram of the process

The Permaculture Design Process.

In this diagram I liken the design process to a living tree. The process starts with a ‘seed’ of inspiration and develops in complexity as it grows. The seed is expressed as a combination of the vision that reaches inward and a goal that reaches outward. Surrounding the seed are the three core ethics of permaculture, [...]

Permaculture Design Tree <br /> a diagram of the process

How to build soil like nature does – soil science basics for beginners

Its dark. You are surrounded by giant flesh eating amoebas. You can’t move very fast… Welcome to the world of the bacteria, the smallest but most abundant member of the soil food web. Often feared but essential, whether directly or indirectly, for the survival of almost all other living organisms on earth.

The Soil.

Good soil is alive soil. It’s texture is [...]

How to build soil like nature does –  soil science basics for beginners
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