A Permaculture Design Consultation: an outline of the general process and detailed questionnaire.

Design and Consulting Outline
Step one: Questionnaire.
The design questionnaire is intended to gather as much information as possible about the clients vision, wants and needs.
Step two: Create base map and survey the site.
The base map contains only what is already existing on the site in as much detail as possible.
The mapping phase can include contour maps, geological maps, climate maps, etc.
The […]

Choosing a WordPress Theme: a Beginner’s Guide

Picking a theme can be daunting and even overwhelming for a beginning WordPresser. This article is an attempt to clarify the process. 

Where Do I Find Themes?

There are tons of options both within WordPress in the ‘Appearance -> Themes’ section and out in the wild of the web.  I’d love to say there is a super quick and easy way to […]

Permaculture Design Tree
a diagram of the process

The Permaculture Design Process.

In this diagram I liken the design process to a living tree. The process starts with a ‘seed’ of inspiration and develops in complexity as it grows. The seed is expressed as a combination of the vision that reaches inward and a goal that reaches outward. Surrounding the seed are the three core ethics of permaculture, […]

Permaculture Design Tree <br> a diagram of the process

How to build soil like nature does – soil science basics for beginners

Its dark. You are surrounded by giant flesh eating amoebas. You can’t move very fast… Welcome to the world of the bacteria, the smallest but most abundant member of the soil food web. Often feared but essential, whether directly or indirectly, for the survival of almost all other living organisms on earth.

The Soil.

Good soil is alive soil. It’s texture is […]

How to build soil like nature does –  soil science basics for beginners

Choice Edible Mushrooms in the Wild

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of finding a number of these amazing edible mushrooms, Boletus edulis, also known as Porcini. They are very meaty and delicious!

We saved half of them for fresh eating and dried the rest.


Finding breakfast in the forest garden.

I paused for a moment in my forage for breakfast to watch the first ray of sun wash the mulberry tree in liquid marigold. It reminded me to eat a handful of the just-ripe berries. They tasted like honey. A cheeky robin, berry in beak, scolded me: “What are you doing eating my mulberries?” I said the same to him. […]

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

For Eco-conscious web-hosting I recommend  GreenGeeks.com. They offer great bargain packages as well as advanced webs services and a free domain name for the life your account. Since I am an affiliate with GreenGeeks, if you purchase hosting using the link above you will also be giving a gift to me.

“In order to compensate for the polluting power we pull […]

Arvixe Web Hosting

I have used Arvixe for some time and their plans are great for super low budget sites. They had problems about 6 months ago during an upgrade to new servers, but sorted it out eventually.  If you use the link below and purchase a plan with them I will get a commission, thanks! http://www.arvixe.com/5377.html

To find out more, do a search […]

Growing in Cold frames, a jumpstart on spring

Growing in cold frames

by Aaron – November 18th, 2012 (edit)

It is completely possible to be eating fresh veggies year round.   The idea is to get most of the growing done before the really cold and dark months, December and January. Across those months we’ll just harvest.

I have picked out cold-germinating, frost tolerant seeds to plant as the idea is […]

Didgeridoo or Didjeridoo healing, music and instruments.

The didjeridoo has been a part of my life for many years playing for myself, for others in single and group healing sessions and in performance. I have played professionally with bands like: Kan’Nal, Lunar Fire, Beth Quist, Tierro and others for the past 15 years. I also offer vibrational healing sessions, and play on a regular basis for yoga […]

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