Finding breakfast in the forest garden.

I paused for a moment in my forage for breakfast to watch the first ray of sun wash the mulberry tree in liquid marigold. It reminded me to eat a handful of the just-ripe berries. They tasted like honey. A cheeky robin, berry in beak, scolded me: “What are you doing eating my mulberries?” I said the same to him. […]

Growing in Cold frames, a jumpstart on spring

Growing in cold frames

by Aaron – November 18th, 2012 (edit)

It is completely possible to be eating fresh veggies year round.   The idea is to get most of the growing done before the really cold and dark months, December and January. Across those months we’ll just harvest.

I have picked out cold-germinating, frost tolerant seeds to plant as the idea is […]

Aaron’s top 10 Permaculture plant resources

It is tricky sometimes to pick out a good nursery to buy plants. Having ordered from many different places, I put together the following list for my ‘go to’ sources of seeds and plants that I used when installing permaculture style edible forest gardens here in the arid temperate steppes of Western Colorado.

I’m sure there are more great resources out […]

Internship at PRI Australia

I spent 4 amazing months from January 2009 interning with Geoff and Nadia Lawton mostly on their farm in the Channon NSW, Australia, but I also got to travel with them to some other locations as well.

Zaytuna Farm has been in the hands of Geoff Lawton for 9 years, though he reported to me that he has spent a good […]

An Introduction to Permaculture, ethics and principles

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Origins and meaning of Permaculture

The term Permaculture originated from the work of two Australians: Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The term itself was derived from permanent and agriculture or culture. While not the first to write about permanent agriculture they were the first to develop it as a scientific system. They arrived at the concept in response to […]

Intro Course in Estonia by Mari

In September we were invited to lead an “Introduction to cold climate home scale permaculture”- weekend course in Tuderna, Estonia. Even while being already in Finland at the time, it took us two full days of traveling to get to Southern Estonia from Northern Finland when using train, boat and bus instead of flying.

It was our very first own permaculture […]

Exploring Extending The Growing Season at CRMPI

Written by Mari Korhonen

In cool and cold areas the length of the growing season and the cold temperatures are the main challenge for growing things and supporting oneself. As a part of the search for cold climate permaculture strategies I came across to integrated greenhouse designs that seem to have a lot to offer to us in the cool climates. […]

Garden conversion project permaculture style

Written by: Mari Korhonen
In April we put together a little “permablitz” event to help a friend and a neighbor to transform his front yard into an edible exploration to sustainability and cutting food miles into food-steps.

Getting started with growing your own food requires special attention, and often gardens and vegie patches located at the back corner of the yard […]

Living Rhythm Farm

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We decided to call our property the Living Rhythm Farm because in addition to enjoying and appreciating the natural rhythms and cycles of life, most everyone here is also a musician or dancer. In fact for some of us, farming and growing things is a relatively new adventure. Together we are an extended family, friends and community.

The project […]

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