Didgeridoo or Didjeridoo healing, music and instruments.

The didjeridoo has been a part of my life for many years playing for myself, for others in single and group healing sessions and in performance. I have played professionally with bands like: Kan’Nal, Lunar Fire, Beth Quist, Tierro and others for the past 15 years. I also offer vibrational healing sessions, and play on a regular basis for yoga classes and meditations.


Anyone interested in more information on the didjeridoo should check out didjshop.com in Australia. In my opinion they have by far the best authentic instruments in the world as well as being an incredible resource for all things related to the dijeridoo. I have purchased 7 of their didjes and have never played better instruments.

(Just so you know, I am an affiliate and if you use the link above I will get a small percent, which is greatly appreciated.)

A beautiful hand made didjeridoo with intricate burnt designs.

A beautiful hand-made eucalyptus didjeridoo in the key of C. It is one of the many offered by Didjshop.com a sustainably operated company out of northern Australia. Didjshop purchases only sustainable harvested instruments, crafted by indigenous experts. They have some of the finest didjeridoos in the world.


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