Gravity Forms – How to Include HTML Fields in Notifications and Confirmations to User

It is Possible to Include HTML Fields in Notifications and Confirmations

I recently needed to create conditional logic in a Gravity Form that shows HTML fields in response to various user inputs. The trouble is that HTML fields do not appear in the default Notifications and Confirmations.

Gravity forms support says the HTML fields are design elements, not form elements so there is no option to show them. However in cases where you want to use HTML fields to communicate information to the user, or show the user what they have agreed to, we need to show them in confirmations and notifications.

The simplest solution is a free plugin by Gravity Wiz that lets us customize the {all_fields} merge tag. This plugin is great for creating truly customized notifications that are styled and laid out the way you want.

After installing the plugin all I need to do is include it’s ID in the merge tag like so:


This tells the all_fields merge tag to show field ID’s 5 and 10, even if they would not be normally shown. It still obeys the conditional logic, so if fields 5 and 10 are hidden by conditional logic they will not be shown.

Here’s the link to the Gravity Forms All Fields Template Plugin and Code


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