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Whole property irrigation design, combined gravity and pressure.
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Permaculture Garden Design Western Colorado
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How to plant a tree in heavy clay soil

I get a very high survival rate with the CSFS bare root seedlings, but it takes some attention.  These are the steps I use for planting perennials in heavy clay soil.

Dig a square saucer shaped hole, that has long sloping sides and corners. Round holes, especially in heavy clay can encourage root bind. If you stick in a shovel and […]

Top Dog Tours Website

Top Dog Tours - Website Screenshot

  • We created their first site several years ago and this is a new redesign of the site to include more cities.
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“We’ve been looking at a lot of rival company sites, and ours is by far the best. So thanks for that!”


Top Dog Tours Website

Permaculture Property and Garden Design Western Colorado


Sketch out design concepts for the new garden area.
Design and give cost estimates for the irrigation system.
Sketch out concepts for the larger landscape.
Address some of the main concerns for water usage and weed control.
Get cost estimates for a greenhouse attached to the south side of the main garage.

Permaculture Property and Garden Design Western Colorado
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