7 Elements of Successful Web Design

Successful websites start with a clear goal and objective. The foundation of a site is its content: text,  photos and video. A pleasing design and usable interface makes the content accessible, interesting and creates a positive user experience. SEO and marketing strategies are what brings traffic to the site. Tracking and follow up completes the cycle and informs us […]

How to Remove Gravity Forms CSS style-sheets and Scripts from Specific Pages

Gravity forms has a nice option in the settings area to remove it’s css output from all pages. However when you want to remove the style-sheets from individual pages it gets more complicated.

Here’s a simple function which will remove Gravity Forms CSS and selected scripts from the front_page:
Cut and paste this code into your functions.php file.

//Deregister Gravity Stylesheets and […]

A2 WordPress Hosting

Update: 5/6/2016 – I have decided to move all my own hosting onto A2’s servers. Their speed and reliability is unmatched.

I have been really impressed with A2 hosting, especially the speed and database power of their shared WordPress packages. I find that even though many hosts advertise “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited storage” they have very strict limits on server memory […]

A2 WordPress Hosting

Forest Gardening in Western Colorado

What is forest gardening?

Forest gardening is a way of gardening that mimics natural ecosystems. Through observation and study we learn the patterns and principles that make a living system resilient, self-replicating, productive, efficient and diverse. We then take these principles and apply them to our home gardens, orchards, hedgerows and wood-lots.

I think about forage gardening also as forage gardening or […]

Edible, Cold & Drought Tolerant Plant List for Western Colorado Landscapes & Gardens

Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardening in the High Desert Steppes

Edible Western Colorado Native: Golden Current, with bright orange berries.Direct seeding is best in the fall or early spring as soon as the ground thaws. Transplanting can be done in the fall or early spring as well, however coniferous trees and some deciduous trees and shrubs like lavender, and hazelnut require winter water and are prone to failure if planted in the fall and left without water.

How to make a user profiles section with the user avatar and custom meta fields with WP_User_Query?

WP_User_Query doesn’t give direct access to the user avatar, so how to show the avatar?

Regular profile fields are easy to reference from the codex.

But what about custom meta fields?

Displaying the avatar and other user meta with WP_User_Query isn’t quite straight forward. Some user profile data is returned by default, but user meta fields and avatar takes a little more effort.

Here […]

Change the Default Schema.org Microdata in Genesis

Since there are already so many great articles out there about the usefulness of adding Schema.org Microdata to your HTML5 markup, I’ll let Google help you out on that.

I encountered a situation where I needed to change all microdata for single blog posts, archive pages, home page and any other place a blog post was displayed.

Let’s get started:

When viewing a […]

Some super benifical fall-planted cover crop plants: daikon, vetch, rye and wheat.

The late summer/early fall is the perfect time to think about fall planted cover crops. Cover cropping is not just for big acreage, it’s great for gardens and even small container gardens.

The main objectives of planting a cover crop are to maintain soil fertility by holding or adding carbon and nitrogen in the soil and by controlling weeds. Cover cropping also attracts bees, other beneficial insects and can prevent erosion.
Cover crop between old millet crop.

My Top 10 (or so) Permaculture Books

Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison, Teaming with Microbes – Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewi, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability – David Holmgren, Gaia’s Garden – Toby Hemenway…

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