Gravity Forms – How to Include HTML Fields in Notifications and Confirmations to User

It is Possible to Include HTML Fields in Notifications and Confirmations

I recently needed to create conditional logic in a Gravity Form that shows HTML fields in response to various user inputs. The trouble is that HTML fields do not appear in the default Notifications and Confirmations.

Gravity forms support says the HTML fields are design elements, not form elements so there […]

Migrate Posts from One Post Type to Another, Including Comments

In the process of moving content from one site to another I needed to change the post type, which is easy with a plugin like Post Type Switcher. However, this doesn’t bring along the comments. 

Post type switcher now migrates comments with the post.

This process turned out to be much more complicated than I had originally hoped, however with the aid […]

Exclude Custom Taxonomy Terms from Genesis [post_info] shortcode in WordPress

I needed to exclude specific custom taxonomy terms from the Genesis [post_info] shortcode which by default lists all the terms in the taxonomy in the post meta.

I achieved this by modifying the get_the_terms_list() function, which is used in the Genesis post_info shortcode. Then create a new shortcode [filtered_post_info] to use instead of [post_info].

The first step is creating a new function […]

How to create an alphabetical drop down list (jump menu) of taxonomy terms.

Here’s the problem:

You have a custom taxonomy and you need to create a taxonomy dropdown list, similar to the WordPress category dropdown option.
You need to have multiple taxonomy dropdowns for the child terms within the taxonomy. (get_term_children)
These term lists should be sorted alphabetically.
When selected the term should link to its archive page with a nice pretty permalink.  (jump menu)
The term […]

SiteGround Hosting VS A2 Hosting VS GreenGeeks Hosting

As a WordPress web designer I get a lot of opportunity to work with different web hosts and services.

One of the major problems I find with web hosting and WordPress, on shared hosting, is slow load times and long timeouts.

Most shared hosting these days offers unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. This sounds great because people think that unlimited bandwidth means […]

7 Elements of Successful Web Design

Successful websites start with a clear goal and objective. The foundation of a site is its content: text,  photos and video. A pleasing design and usable interface makes the content accessible, interesting and creates a positive user experience. SEO and marketing strategies are what brings traffic to the site. Tracking and follow up completes the cycle and informs us […]

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